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Laboratory of diamond mineralogy


Global scientific direction of the laboratory of diamond mineralogy:

Fundamental and applied problems of formation of diamonds


The main scientific activities of the laboratory:

1) Theoretical and experimental study of the mechanisms and conditions for the formation of diamonds, diamond deposits genesis

2) Identification of new search criteria diamond

3) Identify new potential for diamondiferous and diamond-objects


Research Methodology:

- Mineralogy of diamonds of various origins at the micro- and nanoscale

- Mineralogy carbon parageneses at the micro- and nanoscale

- Mineralogy and petrology of the host rocks and associated minerals

- Experimental synthesis of diamond and other carbon modifications

- Study of products of synthesis of carbon phases

- Comparative analysis typomorphic features diamond and carbon mineralization associated with the characteristics of the synthesis products with known PT-parameters

- Identify new search criteria diamond

- Analysis of traditional and non-traditional geological objects on the promise of identifying diamonds

- Identify new potential for diamondiferous and diamond-bearing objects.


Other destinations:

1) Micro and nanomineralogy (Doctor of sciences TG Shumilova, Ph.D. SI Isayenko, Ph.D., NS Kovalchuk, Senior Scientist PP Yuhtanov);

2) Scientific basis for the study, conservation and use of geological heritage northeast European Russia (sns Yuhtanov PP);

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